顔彩耽美 | Gansai Tambi

What is Gansai Tambi

Traditional Japanese pan watercolors for professional artists and crafters.

It is recognizable by its vivid color and quick dissolution.

It fulfills the needs of many creators in their pursuit of beaty in their artwork.

What is Gansai Tambi


48 beautiful Japanese colors included in this series.

A wide range of vivid colors can be used without mixing colors.

Bold colors that are lightfast, so your drawing will remain vivid.

It can be used for a variety of purposes such as sketching, illustration, sumi-e and more!

Gansai Tambi 48colors

Various Expressions

Water-based pigment paint can be highly opaque when used solely as a gouache but can also become more transparent depending on the amount of water added for dilution.

Kuretake's more than 100 years of sumi ink making technology enables beautiful blotting.

Various Expressions


It is a solid type of watercolor pressed into pans that can be prepped and cleaned up quickly and easily dissolves in water.

The large 48mm x 28mm pan makes it easy to use larger, thick brushes and color large surface areas in artwork.





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Many creators all over the world are using Gansai Tambi and sharing their artwork on various SNS platforms.

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